Guitar String Bracelets was started by Sam Romo in 2006 at age 14.
His passion for music started at age 8 when his dad bought him his first bass guitar for Christmas.   He has been playing bass and some drums with his brothers for the band LightSwitch for about 13 years.  He was inspired to make jewelry out of guitar strings after seeing a bracelet his sister had purchased which was also made out of guitar strings. He was amazed by the idea so much he started experimenting  with the strings he had collected from his band.  His passion for jewelry and music has grown ever since. ​ Now his uniquely designed bass and guitar strings bracelets are available  and worn all over the world. Bringing to what it is today.

This photo was taken  of
​Sam Romo at age 19 when  
​his band had the privilege of visiting one of the largest online lighting companies headquarters.
Guitar String Bracelets 
Hand Crafted 
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